Welcome to the Swati Verma blog!

Welcome to the Swati Verma blog!

A warm welcome to my brand-new blog! I am so happy that just you have found your way here to read it. In case you do not know me yet, my name is Swati Verma and I am a 24-years old makeup artist based out of Delhi, India. Today I work fulltime with amazing clients from all over the world, and in this first post I will tell you some of the story behind my success.

I started out at university by studying Medicine. My parents were quite strict about getting a proper education and makeup artist was not really seen as a true profession back then. However, I have always had a great passion for makeup and there was no way I could leave my dream behind. Instead, I left Medical School and started working as an emcee. Apparently, I was good at talking and eventually I got to work with some of the leading brands of the country, hosting over 1000 live shows in total.

Swati Verma applying lipstick on her client. Isn't she stunning, my wonderful client?

As an emcee, being pretty and presentable was an absolute must. I used to do my own makeup for every show, since hiring someone professional was out of the question for my budget. Over time, I got so passionate about this routine that I spent hours in front of the mirror every day, trying and testing different looks, often inspired by iconic artists and celebrities. I even did some practice on my sister, who sometimes had to stay awake all night for my trials and experiments.

Practise makes perfect and eventually people started asking me if I were a makeup artist. My friends, as well as other women, would ask me for advice and beauty hacks. I also received a lot of requests and messages on Instagram, about products and techniques for different looks.


Like this, I got more and more attention from people across the globe and I also had my first clients, mainly for bridal looks. At this stage, I decided to take things further by improving my makeup skills with a course at the London School of Beauty & Makeup, which I see as one of the foremost makeup institutes in the world.

Coming back to India after my education I was now able to work fulltime with my passion and I also started to post my works on Instagram, carefully tagging and mentioning brands and products that were included, as a help for my followers to create the same looks.

Swati Verma holding gloves and smiling in a park Spending a day out with my love...

As a result of this, I was contacted by several beauty companies, who asked me to collaborate with them and to try their products. I have always been quite strict about what I post on social media. My collaborations are chosen very carefully and I take great pride in being 100 % honest with all my reviews and comments. For that reason, my fans know that they can trust me and some of them follow my recommendations and tips almost religiously.

And I am so, so happy(!) to now be sharing my experience and knowledge on a greater scale – here on my blog! There will be posts about anything from product reviews, skincare routines, beauty tutorials, top products for different looks, makeup hacks – and a lot more to come.

To make the content even more amazing, I need your help as well! Please let me know what you would love to read about, what techniques you would like to learn, any products you would like me to review for you – I am all ears! Just like myself, this blog is here to inspire and help. And by launching it (champagne, please), I invite you to join me on a wonderful makeup journey, where beauty is enhanced and created, one brushstroke at a time.

Swati xx